Rotary Instrumentation


Rotary hand pieces and files are high-tech tools used by endodontists for thorough debridement of the root canals especially in curved canals. When the electric hand pieces and drills are being used they are very quiet and highly efficient. The Nickle-Titanium files allow for precise negotiation of curved canals. These tools allow the treatment and process to be more productive and much easier when cleaning and instrumenting the root canals.

Apex Locators


These electronic devices are used in endodontics to determine the length of the canal that is being treated. These tools significantly shorten a patient’s treatment time by eliminating the need for multiple radiographs. The precision of these tools guarantees that the entire root is cleaned and shaped during treatment. The tools have been shown to be as accurate as radiography in determining the opening of the apex.

Ultrasonic Instruments


These instruments are advanced tools that help a dentist reach areas of a tooth that are inaccessible with other tools. They are smaller than traditional drills and are used to locate calcified canals. Ultrasonic scalers have a tip that vibrates and are also used in endodontics to break down bacteria. This is important because the bacteria are what cause endodontic infections.

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate


This cement-like material is used to reinforce weakened tooth structure. It is often used as a filling material for pulp capping, perforations, and apexification. During these procedures, the MTA closes pathways between the root canal system and tissues. The strength of this filling is often compared to concrete!

Surgical Microscope


These microscopes aid the endodontist in the diagnoses and procedures. These high-powered microscopes have excellent magnification properties and lighting which gives the dentist a greater ability to view the interior of the tooth. Calcified and narrow canals can be identified and accessed with the help of the microscope. Vertical root fractures can also be detected with the aid of the microscope. Attachments can be added to the microscope including cameras and assistant viewing pieces.


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